What Happens When You Take Risks Within Your Business?

The Candle Maker and the Soap Maker took a Gamble and Won

In 1837, William Procter and James Gamble took a chance and formed a partnership to sell their candles and soap together under one company. Thus, Procter and Gamble took a gamble, entered the wild world of business, and won.

Today they are a multinational company with a wide variety of products from Bounty, Charmin, Crest, and Duracell, to Folgers, Pampers, and Tide to name a few. All because two businesspersons dared to forge ahead and take a risk to enter the marketplace.

In the 1880s, the company pioneered a soap that floated on water – Ivory. In 1911, Procter and Gamble began producing Crisco, a shortening made of vegetable oils. They were also the developers of Tide laundry detergent in 1946 and Prell shampoo in 1950.

All these products, and many more, gained wide use in homes in North America and elsewhere because of the original dreams of two men who staked their time and money to start a business venture.

Products we use everyday had a beginning somewhere. While many of P & G’s products developed long after William and James passed away, these men were the originals who laid the groundwork for a company that today employs thousands. They were true risk-takers who started an adventure with soap and candles and took it to dizzying heights of success.

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